Free Farmville Roman Golden Horse

FarmVille has released a beautiful Roman Horse for all of you. But you must gain 3 Levels in Zynga's other sensational game Mafia Wars.

And that is all you have to do to get the Roman Horse in FarmVille.

Look out for this pop up while playing FarmVille:-
You will find the following information about getting the FarmVille Roman Horse for FREE:-
Head over straight to Mafia Wars by clicking on "Accept" button and complete jobs to gain 3 more levels and find a magnificent Roman Horse in FarmVille.

Have fun! Have you found your Roman Horse for Free in FarmVille???

How To Get Your Chickens To Lay You A Mystery Egg

One day as you are playing on Farmville, you may look around the farm and wonder, “So what’s missing?” Well the answer of course is you need to get yourself some chickens Whilst you will find a great deal of players in Farmvile who are confident that in order to level up in the game you should concentrate on harvesting crops which will gain you the most coins and Experience Points, you should have some diversity and action in your play should you want to keep it fun and interesting. Growing crops over and over again may become tedious and simply plain boring. Chickens will bring some significantly required entertainment to your Farmville farm, and with the potential to add a chicken coop for your farm, matters just got a bit more interesting.

Essentially you will find four different types of chickens; the normal brown chickens, white chickens, black chickens, and also the golden chickens. If you’ve been playing Farmville at all you have most likely been given chickens as presents from your neighbors, and then not truly understanding what else to do with them, you just let them wander about on your farm. Whilst this is okay, you are however able to really get a great deal more out of your chickens by putting them inside a chicken coop.

Not only does a chicken coop keep all of your chickens in one location, there are significant benefits to shelling out the 5000 coins needed to purchase one. The excellent thing about chicken coops is that they permit you to harvest all of your chickens in one go. This clearly can make things simpler for you, but it also will increase your chances of discovering a mystery egg. Should you populate your coop with various colored chickens, you’ll have an excellent opportunity of one of your chickens laying a mystery egg that will reward you with extra advantages.

The majority of of the eggs you find inside your coop will be typical eggs, where you’ll get chickens which are the identical color as the chickens that laid the egg। Nevertheless if you’re lucky enough to find a mystery egg, you can be rewarded with strange prizes, like purple cows, flamingos, and gnomes for the garden. While these prizes may seem weird, they all possess particular advantages and rewards, such as extra fuel which will allow you to harvest your crops faster.

If you truly wish to find a mystery egg, there’s a trick you can do to harvest a great deal of eggs and improve your probabilities of discovering one. How fast the chickens inside the coop are harvested will depend on on the very first chicken that is placed within the coop. Therefore what you do is empty your coop completely. Then place a chicken that’s ready to be harvested within the coop first. Following this put the rest of the chickens (you are able to only place twenty in each coop) into the coop, and all twenty chickens can now be harvested at once for eggs. Carry out this procedure again after you have harvested, and very soon you will find you will be harvesting a lot more eggs than you can handle. You’ll also be boosting your probabilities each time of finding a mystery egg.

Famrville Skyscraper Tower

Watch these two videos to get a farmville skyscraper tower

Watch All Farmville Horses, Ponies & Foals

Horses are animals available on FarmVille। These animals can only be received as a gift. A horse takes 3 days to grow outside the Horse Stable. If placed inside the Horse Stable, it only takes 1 day to grow. After that time, a farmer may collect horsehair, which will give 84 coins. A horse may be obtained either as a gift from a neighbor or as a reward to a farmer for earning the blue Noah's Ark ribbon. You must at least be level 21 to send a horse as a gift. It is based off the real world American Quarter Horse.
If This was free Or want bought with coin only not fv farm cash

Farmville Fertilize all is available as free gift

Farmville Fertilize all is available as free gift for a limited time only. You can send fertilize all to your neighbors from free gifting page on farmville. Fertilize all fertilizes your whole farm with one click.

Click on Image to send Farmhands

Click on Image to send fertilize all

How to Level Up Quickly in Farmville ((Tell your Friends , "Share"))

Farmville is a Facebook application where you can own your own farm and plow, plant, harvest and sell your own crops। If you're interested in knowing how to level up as quickly as possible, there are a few things you could be doing to expedite the process.

  • Save as much land on your farm as possible to plant new crops. Avoid buying any buildings or objects that will get in the way of plowing new fields.

  • 2

    Plow as many fields as you can. You will earn 1 XP (or experience points) for every field you plow. You need these XPs to advance and level up in the game.

  • 3

    Plant raspberries. You can harvest them in Farmville every 2 hours allowing you to plow and harvest several times in one day if you can. Each time you plant seeds in 1 field, you will gain 1 XP (or experience) point for raspberries and other crops that take less than 1 day to harvest. Remember though, you can harvest them several times per day which will earn you more XPs than if you were to plant crops that harvest in 1 day.

  • 4

    Add Farmville neighbors. The more Farmville neighbors you have, the more opportunities you will have to earn XPs. Each time you work at a neighbor's farm, you will earn 5 XPs and 20 coins. You can work at each person's farm once per day.

  • 5

    Expand your farm. When you have enough coins to do so, expand your farm so that you are able to plant even more crops at a time, earning you more XPs to advance in the game.

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    Send the Emperor Butterfly

    FarmVille has introduced many new buildings, features and gifts that require gifting from your “Free Gifts” tab of the game। The problem is that they don’t allow everyone to gift everything, sometimes you can only gift 2 of the random 5 items. If you need to gift something that you don’t have on your “Free Gifts” tab, you can do it from here! Just click the image and you will be taken to your gift sending page. If you see something else we should add to this page, please do not hesitate to request it.

    Send the Emperor Butterfly

    How to Get FarmVille Halloween Candy

    FarmVille Halloween Candy ! even though the halloween holiday basket still not available yet, you can get candy from haunted house in farmville

    halloween candy on farmville

    yup halloween means Trick or Treat, later you will be able to redeem halloween holiday basket prize rewards by collecting halloween candy

    how to get halloween candy in farmville :
    you can harvest haunted house for candy to fill your halloween candy basket
    you can also get candy from visiting your friends’ haunted houses

    so when you visit neighbor’s haunted house you can find some candy and share it with your friends
    xxx found some candy while visiting a neighbor’s haunted house
    xxx visited their neighbor’s haunted house and found some candy to fill their halloween holiday basket ! here is some to share with you !

    to collect farmville candy faster make sure to see your feed on facebook wall or use farmville bonus collector, and also finish your haunted house now !

    Farmville 3 FV Cash Sponsored Link by Toyota

    Toyota Sponsored Link
    A new promotion became available sponsored by Toyota। Find the banner below the game on and Earn 3 Fv Cash from Toyota by sharing your car’s biography
    Toyota Sponsored Link

    Toyota Sponsored Link

    Toyota Survey

    Toyota Survey

    Congrats Popup

    Congrats Popup

    FarmVille Sponsored Link: Fisher Price 2 Free Farm Cash

    In another FarmVille sponsored link, American toy company Fisher-Price is offering 2 free farm cash to all farmers who participate in a one question survey asking us what we like most about the holiday season.
    You can locate sponsored links on the bottom right underneath your FarmVille game screen। Please note that not all international farmers outside the United States will see these sponsored links appear on your accounts.

    Sponsored links are a great way to earn free farm cash and typically very easy taking up only a few clicks of your time.

    Free 10 FV Cash %100 Working

    Free 10 FV Cash %100 Working
    This is only available for who didn't install farmville toolbar before and got 25 fv Cash , if you get it before, you can't get it now

    UPDATE: Before people keep trashing us for “scamming” you and giving you “viruses”, you should know we are always looking out for you and researching everything. We have found details on WHY you are not getting your bonuses and what is going on, check it out below. Farmville Community Manager Grimwell responds:

    Community Manager Response 1

    Community Manager Response 2

    Just in case you think we are photo-shopping these or making things up, feel free to verify the responses on this official forums thread: So to recap, these links DO work, and you WILL get a reward sooner or later. Some people get them instantly, some people don’t, we have no control over this… Thank you for understanding.

    If you would to try the links, as many people have reported these work great, you can try them here:

    10 Farm Cash – Free 10 FV Cash

    This is only available for who didn't install farmville toolbar before and got 25 fv Cash , if you get it before, you can't get it now

    Share---> Farmville Free 113 Farm Cash

    In another FarmVille sponsored link from Netflix, the DVD rental company is offering 113 free farm cash for trying out their services.

    This is only one of multiple times that Netflix has offered farm cash। You can participate in this sponsored link by clicking on the advertisement underneath your FarmVille game screen, located at the bottom right.

    If you put in a credit card number, netflix will authorize a payment of 1 dollar, to make sure the credit card is working, so you can continue your membership after the trial। After a day, the authorization with drop off and you will not be charged. I’ve done every one of these with different credit or debit cards, have never been charged and have recieved the FC every time.

    FarmVille Earn 113 Farm Cash with Netflix