Farmville Raffle Booth Tickets is Coming Soon (Details Here) Share Now

FarmVille and Zynga are going to release some type of Raffle Booth as a new feature in the near future! If that Carnival Barker Gnome doesn’t get you excited, well, there is a lot more to look forward to! It appears to be a new (small) building with a purpose, to collect Raffle Tickets for prizes! Lets dive into this shall we?

From what we can tell from all the items we found, there will be a new building, new Raffle Tickets that can be acquired daily to turn in for prizes such as Turbos, Instagrows, Watering Cans, Love Potions and more. Heck, there are even 3 new Quests that will be coming out as well. The ticket colors are Blue, Red and Yellow. The Raffle Booth seems to have just 1 stage, so hopefully no building!


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