Mystery Seedlings and How They Work (Details) (if you Like it , Share it)

There are a lot of misconceptions to Mystery Seedlings and how they work. Day after day, we see some of our neighbors listing Mystery Seedlings on their Facebook wall according to what is within their Orchards, and we have decided to debunk that myth, as it is impossible to give away specific Mystery Seedlings.

Helping us along is former Free Stuff Friday winner, Poster Alesha. We asked Alesha to separate her Trees by Level 2 equivalents and post Mystery Seedlings with whatever the contents of that specific Orchard were in the description of her posts. In layman’s terms, if she had a bunch of Level 1 Trees that produced Granny Smith Apple Trees as the Level 2 Mystery Seedling, she would list them as Granny Smith Apples in her post’s description. Before we begin, we’d like to give thanks to Alesha for being a sport and putting up with our mad scientist experiment. Thanks again for the help, Alesha.

Now, before we begin with our experiment’s results, let’s lay down some facts:

1. Whatever the contents of your Orchard equate to what you, personally, will receive in your Mystery Seedlings. If you have an Orchard filled with nothing but Rainbow Trees and Giant Rainbow Trees, your Mystery Seedling will grow into a Giant Rainbow Tree. The Rainbow Tree is a Level 1 Tree, and most of the time Level 1 Trees can only grow Mystery Seedlings that turn into their Level 2 equivalent. You can check which Trees grow into what by hovering your mouse above them in your Orchard.

2. Just because that is what you receive does not mean that is what your neighbors will receive when you post your Mystery Seedling to your Facebook. The only way to give your neighbors a rare Tree intentionally is to post the Tree that you’ve received once you’ve grown it up. There is a small percentage of a chance that it could grow up into what you’ve labeled it as, but it’s all the luck of the draw; nothing is guaranteed when it comes to Mystery Seedlings on neighbors’ walls, only what you, personally, get from your own Orchards.


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