How to complete The Moovin’ In Quest Quickly ((Details Here))

Quest 6: Sometimes, it’s okay to let the final Quest slip away into the ether. This is not the case, as the reward is AWESOME and you will want it. Start out by asking for your final beg-a-thon, nine Brass Cow Bells. What, are the Cows too special for normal Cow Bells to the point that they’re requesting Brass ones? Silly Cows. Next up, you’ll want to plant 150 Fruit Crops, which can be done swiftly by using Raspberries in two hours flat, or (Super) Strawberries in four hours. Finally, place ten Cows inside of your Cow Pasture to complete the Questing for the Building.

You will get the amazing B0V1N3-11 for completing the Quest, as well as those XP and Coin bonuses.

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