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Barns and sheds (with the exception of the Garden Shed and Market Stalls) are used to store items. The Garden Shed stores flowers, Market Stalls store bushels, the Garage vehicles, and others are containers which store specialty items which are usually Limited Edition Theme items for redeeming to FarmVille for special theme related gifts. See the Limited Edition Themes archive pages for more on the containers।

Trees, animals, and functional buildings can not be stored। The capacities listed is the amount when the building has been fully expanded. When first purchased the capacity is less.

Storage Buildings
Black Barn27 FC8x632
Blue Barn27 FC8x632
Cowprint Barn32 FC8x632
Cowprint Shed28 FC4x427
Groovy Barn27 FC8x632
Pink Barn27 FC8x632
Pink Tool Shed22 FC4x427
Red Barn40,0008x618
Storage Cellar02x2500
Storage Cellar12x2500
Tool Shed14,0004x414
Weathered Barn27 FC8x632
White Barn27 FC8x6३२

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