WOW-->Unicorn Foals Coming to FarmVille + Animation ((Share))

FarmVille Unicorn

Candy Cane Unicorn

An inside source at Zynga has confirmed that they’ve heard the pleas from farmers and will be creating the ability for FarmVille Unicorns to produce foals. As this is a direct response to player feedback it may take a while to come to fruition in game, but we can count on seeing it the not too distant future. Look for an official statement to be released by Zynga soon.

For farmers looking to breed baby unicorns, you are able to get the Candy Cane Unicorn in this week’s Balloon Mystery Game. The game costs 24 FarmCash this week, however if you purchase cash today you’ll save 40% off.

Are you interested in breeding baby unicorns? How many tried did it take you to get your unicorn from the Mystery Game?

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