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This image Just For Fun but the following information very good to use it in thanksgiving
It’s the season to give thanks in FarmVille and what better way of doing that than distributing some tasty Dishes to your neighbors and collecting enough to redeem some exclusive prizes along the way? Place your Thanksgiving Basket today and start the feast right away!
You’ll get your Thanksgiving Basket for free the first time you play FarmVille after the update, and you will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Thanksgiving Basket on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later. You’ll need to be level 5 or higher in order to place and use the Thanksgiving Basket.

You can acquire Dishes by:

  • Requesting a Dish from your neighbors directly (by clicking on the “Ask for Dishes” button).
  • Receive a Dish from a neighbor who uses the Free Gifts page.
  • Purchase 5 Dishes at a time by clicking on the “Buy Dishes” button (for 5 Farm Cash).
  • Opening a Special Delivery Box.
  • Harvesting your Turkey Roost.
List of Prizes
  • FarmVille Harvest Surprise – 10 Dishes
  • FarmVille Thank Ewe – 25 Dishes
  • FarmVille Pilgrim Gnome – 45 Dishes
  • FarmVille Harvest Fountain – 70 Dishes
  • FarmVille Baby Bourbon – 100 Dishes
  • FarmVille Mayflower – 145 Dishes


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