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188 Original buildings, 55 duplicate buildings for a total of 243 buildings.
There are 69 buildings avaiable for purchase, 3 of which are duplicates for Farm Cash, 6 others are duplicates in different colors.
There are 2 Treehouses, 3 Cottages, 3 Sheds, 8 Barns, 2 Manors, and 2 Gazebos. The Market Stall, Garden Shed, and Dairy Farm can be purchased for Coins or Farm Cash.
867 decorations introduced to the game with 333 available and 58 have been duplicated.
There are 179 decorations available for purchase of which 45 are flags.
There are 43 Country Flags available.
There are 47 Gifts available to send on the Gift Page, 4 are FarmVille.com exclusives, and 2 are only available for iPhone users.
18 Vehicles with 10 available
74 Consumable items with 41 available.
7 Land Expansions and 5 Landscapes.
3 Crafting Cottages with 45 goods to produce.
There have been 28 Mystery Boxes, 3 Mystery Animal Boxes, 4 Mystery Chests, and 6 Mystery Games.
7 Pets with 22 variations, 1 is a Limited Edition.
40 Themes featuring Limited Edition items.
36 Achievements with Ribbon Awards.
15 Co-Op Farming Tasks.
117 Seeds with 67 available 73 have Mastery assigned to them.
45 Trees which can be harvested from, there are 27 available.
239 Animals which can be harvested 139 are available and 28 have been duplicated. 1 event animal which is not harvestable and spawns young which are harvestable.
1 Queen Bee and Honeybees for the new Beehive. Only 1 Queen per Beehive and there is only 1 Beehive per farm currently allowed.
7 Collections to acheive.
4 Limited Edition Themed Collections.


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