WOW--> Black Roses Hit The Market! ----> ((SHAR NOW))

FarmVille has begun SLOWLY rolling out the Black Roses! These can be found in the Market under seeds and have a few catches to them, so pay extra close attention. First off, Black Roses are a Limited Edition Masterable Crop. You can get Black Rose seeds from your friends as a free gift or you can purchase with Farm Cash. These will be available till November 17th. Each Seed Pack contains 20 Seeds. Black Roses take 8 hours to mature, yield 100 coins and 2 XP. The 1 star mastery appears to be 100 Crops, while we still haven’t seen the other levels stay tuned for more information.

Please Note : They are a SLOW ROLLING release!
Please Note : It is NOT necessary to purchase with Farm Cash only a option!

You can “Ask for More” OR Purchase from the Market

Black Rose Purchase Screen


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