FarmVille Adds Buy-it-now Option by Shopping Neighbors’ Farms

A new little feature was added with last night’s FarmVille updates, and chances are you probably missed it since neighbor visits have become so scarce with everything else there is to do on your own farm. FarmVille introduced a new Buy-it-now option that allows you to “shop” your neighbors’ farms while visiting. If you like a tree or some other decoration, building, or animal that you see, then it can be yours as long as that item is currently available in the FarmVille Market.

You also have the option of gifting your friends something that you see on your neighbors’ farms (if it’s in the market), but don’t forget you’ll have to pick up the bill.

If you are interested in spending, Zynga has all the bases covered for your very own shopping experience.

Do you think you will utilize this new feature?


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