How to complete The Tethered Heifer Quest Quickly ((Details Here))

How to complete Cow Pasture Quest Quickly ((Details Here))

Step 2:

The second portion of the Cow Pasture Quests involves something that a lot of you will despise, as we certainly do. Harvest 30 plain Cows? Really? We don’t even own a plain Cow anymore. Buying 30 will remove a ton of space on your farm, so maybe just buy 15 and do it over the course of two days, maybe?

The choice is yours. You will also have to post another Facebook feed request for six Cow Tethers. Remember to search through your Facebook feed in order to help your neighbors with this, too, as you will receive one yourself for helping out your friends. Finally, you’ll need to buy two Cow Topiaries for 300 Coins each.

Upon completion, you will receive more XP and Coins, as well as a new Gray Yak. Remember, Yaks can produce babies now, too.


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