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FarmVille Sheep Mastery is now live!

FarmVille is finally offering Mastery for your FarmVille Sheep . These are some of the last animals (besides Calves and Foals) to have mastery available. Each time you harvest one of your Sheep you will earn mastery points towards its Animal Mastery. After achieving all three levels of Animal Mastery, you will be rewarded with a fancy Animal Mastery Sign.

All animals that were available in the FarmVille Market are masterable and have their own specific Mastery Signs. But wait, there’s more! Sheep Mastery is a little more complicated due to all the Sheep that we have created ourselves through breeding. Mastery is still available for those animals, sort of. Sheep that you’ve bred yourself using your Sheep Pens will have a shared Mastery Sign. In other words, there is one shared Mastery Sign for each gender animal from Pens- one Sheep Pen Ewe and Sheep Pen Ram Mastery Sign . Each time you harvest an animal that you’ve obtained through breeding it will earn you mastery points toward its respective mastery. For example, if you harvest a Masked Flasher Ram you will earn points towards fulfilling Sheep Pen Ram Mastery.

If this sounds confusing, an easy way to find out which animal has mastery available simply check your in-game FarmVille Mastery Chart. To access the Animal Mastery Chart, go to your in-game toolbar located on the bottom left- click on the Blue Ribbon which expands the menu and then click on “Mastery” icon and finally click on the Animal tab.

The Animal Mastery for bred Sheep is pretty steep and much more than we are used to seeing with other market animals.

Star Level 1 for Bred Sheep

  • Sheep Pen Ewe: 840 Harvests
  • Sheep Pen Ram: 560 Harvests


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