Farmville Warning : You Must Read it -- then Share with your Friends

With the release of Cow Pastures, we’ve seen a few changes made to Dairy Farms.

First of all, you can keep existing Dairy Farms, but you should know that it will not produce any new Calves. More importantly, if you would like to keep your Dairy Farms as-is be sure to watch out for the pop-up as shown above that asks you to trade-in your Dairy Barns for some free Cows. You will most likely receive this pop-up after placing a Cow Pasture on your farm and when you first click on your Dairy Farms. If you decline the first time by clicking “Cancel” you may still receive future pop-ups prompting you to trade-in again, so be warned!

Since the Cow Pasture’s release Dairy Farm buildings were also removed from the FarmVille Market meaning that any new farmers will not have the opportunity to own Dairy Farms.

The Cow Pasture is essentially the same building (functionally speaking) as the Dairy Farm, so we suspect that this was Zynga’s way of “patching” certain issues with Dairy Farms that some players like to utilize such as rotating and stuffing.

From Zynga:

“Note: Now that the new Cow Pasture is here, the Dairy Farm will no longer be available in the Market. If you have an existing Dairy Farm, it will remain on your farm.

  • Players will be able to keep their existing Dairy Farms.
  • The old Dairy Farms won’t produce calves for any new cows (but current cows will still produce calves that you can share).
  • Once the Cow Pasture is released, the first time you click an old Dairy Farm, you’ll be presented with the option to trade-in all their old Dairy Farms for an exclusive cow and Animal Feed. If you decline, you’ll be presented with the offer again every once in a while.
  • To get calves that you can keep and share, place a new Cow Pasture! All cows can produce a calf in the new Cow Pasture!” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)


MARIPOSA46 said...

Will you translate this post about dairy farms into Spanish? Most of my neighbors are from Hispaniamerica, and some do not speak or read English. I've seen thatseveral of my neighbors due to such matter and by erro trade their dairy farms. It would be very nice from you to help them, don't you think so? Thanks a lot for your attention.

maria farris said...

a lot of request feeds dont get thru
so finishing any kind of building is impossible for a lot of ppl.hope somebody can fix that before more stuff comes out ppl. have to ask for helpand dont get it.

ahbostan said...

zynga stole my 10FW in this funcion takes my 3 diary takes 10 FW but cow still in gift box..ım very angry why stole my 10 FW say me zynga..

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