How to: Breeding & Harvesting Your Cow Pasture? Details here but Share First

Breeding with Cow Pasture

In your Cow Pasture you can breed a variety of calves when harvesting your Cow Pasture. Unlike Pig or Sheep breeding, there is no need to have a pair of animals to breed. Instead, breeding is simply done for you with the animals housed inside your Cow Pasture. Each time you harvest your Cow Pasture you have a chance at finding a Calve!

Harvesting Your Cow Pasture
Each time you harvest your Cow Pasture for Farm Coins and Animal Mastery Points, you also have a chance at finding a Calve. The more animals housed inside, the better your chances are at finding one. The only requirement is that an animal must be inside your Cow Pasture at the 10% “readiness” mark to qualify for a possible parent. Whenever you find a Calve you will be able to share one with your friends via the Facebook News Feed

Animals that can be housed or “go inside” your Cow Pasture will be highlighted in blue. There’s also the option to “Look Inside” your Cow Pasture which gives you a rundown on all the animal possibilities available. Animals that appear as translucent are animals that you do not own that may be housed inside.


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