Best Way For Harvesting your Horse Paddock (Details Here & Share with your Friends)

Each time you harvest your Horse Paddock for Farm Coins and Animal Mastery Points, you also have a chance at finding a Foal.
Animals that can be housed or “go inside” your Horse Paddock will be highlighted in blue. There’s also the option to “Look Inside” your Horse Paddock which gives you a rundown on all the animal possibilities available. Animals that appear as translucent are animals that you do not own that may be housed inside.

Please note, that some animals cannot be placed inside your Horse Paddock at this point, but will be able to in the future:

  • Candy Corn Pony
  • Spotted Pony
  • Mini Blackfire Horse
  • Skeleton Horse
  • French Unicorn Baby
  • Mini Unicorn
  • Purple Mini Unicorn
  • Mini Pegasus
  • Fairy Unicorn
  • Fairy Zebra


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