How to Contact Farmville Customer Support? Details Here - Share First

Hi Farmers!

While posting on the forums is a great way to get support from your fellow users, the best way to get a timely resolution to an issue you may experience is to contact Zynga Customer Support.

In order to submit a ticket with our Customer Support department, please do the following:

1) Please click on the "Support" tab located at the bottom of the FarmVille App. You will be redirected to the Zynga Support Page.

2) If you haven't already registered with Zynga, you will need to do so in order to use the Contact Us feature to submit a help ticket.

3) Once you have registered, you can contact our Customer Service team directly by clicking on the Contact Us tab at the top of the Zynga Support page.

4) Please complete all of the required fields, and include specific detailed information regarding your issue.

5) Customer Support will be able to assist you in a much quicker manner if your initial contact also includes your Social Network User ID. If you are not sure how to locate that piece of information, please click HERE.

Important: Please make sure that you fully complete the ticket to ensure that our Customer Support department can assist you to the best of their abilities. Most importantly, make sure that you enter an active and valid email address you have access to.

Please do not submit multiple tickets regarding the same issue to our Customer Service Department if you do not receive a response immediately. They will help you as soon as they are able.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Happy Farming!


Diane said...

I like rewards .

monica said...

i cant send thinks like Special Delivery. to my group of friends. it is saying An error occurred with FarmVille. Please try again later. can you help me please.

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