FarmVille Limited Edition Halloween Collection: Pirate Girl

We’ve all seen a sneak peak of the Pirate Girl Gnome from earlier FarmVille Freak unreleased posts. Now, she’s finally here but Gnome Collectors like myself are sure to be disappointed with how you’ll have to get your Pirate Girl Gnome.

Unlike other gnomes that you can typically purchase with Farm Cash, the Pirate Girl is an exclusive bonus gift that’s part of a FarmVille Halloween Showcase and she cannot be purchased directly in the FarmVille Market. This means that you will have to purchase several specific Farm Cash items, seven total, designated by the showcase- even if they are items you have no interest in buying. How much precious Farm Cash are we talking? This Gnome will set you back 126 Farm Cash which we have a feeling is going to anger a lot of our Gnome Freaks. I mean come on, 126 Farm Cash is worth about at least six Gnomes. Let the complaints begin!

We want to hear what you think, especially our FarmVille Freak Gnome collectors! Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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