3 Free Farm Cash from Yoplait Breast Cancer Awareness

Sponsored Link: Yoplait Breast Cancer Awareness & 3 Free Farm Cash

A new Sponsored Link has been spotted under FarmVille farms. Play a fun little game and dedicate a lid for Yoplait Breast Cancer Awareness and answer a three questions to receive 3 Free Farm Cash. This will automatically be credited to your Farm Cash account in FarmVille as soon as you finish the task.

Always remember to keep an eye on the links under your farm. These Sponsored Links rotate periodically from region to region. If you don’t see it now, you may in an hour or a month.


bbbe66ec-f1e5-11e0-a72c-000bcdcb8a73 said...

where is this 3 fv cash for answering questions on yoplait for breast cancer ?

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