Raffle Booth: Love Potions, Flower Bridge, 3 Farmhands (Details Here) Share First

It’s that time of the week again where FarmVille gets an overloaded on the Market, the Mystery Game, and of course, the Raffle Booth. Let’s see what interesting prizes are to be had this week, shall we?

It is none other than the previously-released Royal Steed! This one used to be openly available during the Royal Wedding Party. You had to attract 32 neighbors to your personal party in order to unlock this guy, but now he is being given away as a part of the week’s Raffle Booth. It is the top prize with a 1 in 500 chance of receiving it with a single ticket.

Other prizes this week include the Flower Bridge (1 in 200), five Love Potions (1 in 50), 3 Farmhands (1 in 20), or 10 Special Delivery Boxes (1 in 5). The odds for all of these always increase whenever you add more Tickets to your Raffle Booth, so be sure to help your neighbors to receive Tickets of your own.

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