FarmVille Lighthouse Cove Super Crops Arrive (Share Now)

FarmVille’s Lighthouse Cove just got a lot more interesting to Crop Mastery freaks.

Notice, that there are now some Lighthouse Cove Super Crops that were added to the market.

You can unlock Super Crops when you master their regular version as well as get neighbor before you can plant Super Crop seeds on your farm.For example, before you can plant Super Chandler Blueberry you must have already mastered the regular Chandler Blueberry crop. Then you will be asked to get some neighbor help by getting 6 friends to “Certify your Crop”.

FarmVille Freaks are also reporting that they now have full access to plant any regular crop, Super Crop, English Countryside crop, or Home farm crop (not just Lighthouse Cove exclusive crops) on their Lighthouse Cove farms.


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