FarmVille Pic of the Day: Snuggle in flower patches at tUlIptrEE_06's farm

We've been bouncing around the seasons with autumn and winter farms, but our local, bipolar fall weather has finally committed itself to the cold, so I felt it was time to go for something spring-like. Nothing says spring like lots and lots of flowers and tUILIptrEE_06's FarmVille patchwork quilt-looking farm is clearly one that's good enough to wrap yourself up in.

The last time we found a patchwork quilt design was Lou Martell's orchard farm, and I don't mean orchard as in lining up a bunch of trees together. That one was actually made of the kind of FarmVille orchard you'd have to ask your friends for help to build. But tUILIptrEE_06's farm is made up of a massive assortment of planted flowers and trees, with no orchards that I can see, but those flowers aren't easy to come by.

She has Morning Glory, Lilies, Iris, Cornflower, Pink Asters, Forget-Me-Nots (Level 90 required, unless you've got the Farm Cash to burn), and Limited Edition Golden Poppies--and these are just the ones I can identify from the zoomed in screenshot she provided. As for trees, she seems to prefer Dogwood, since we've got both regular and Pink Dogwood trees in the screenshot.

But the entire farm is also bordered in a ridiculous amount of trees, with Cherry Trees and Sugar Plum Trees arranged into heart-shapes to decorate the corners. I also see plenty of Fairy Garden Event items, e.g. the Giant Flower and Bell Flower Tree, and some Lady GagaVille items thrown into the mix here.


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