Farmville AVG Offering a free AVG Biplane with 3 free flights ((Details Here))

In an a new FarmVille in-game offer, AVG is offering a free AVG Biplane with 3 free flights when you purchase AVG’s PC Tuneup software.
Biplanes instantly grow your FarmVille crops by applying Instant Grow. Normally Instant Grow costs Farm Cash, but completing this offer will earn you three free Instant Grow applications. The AVG Biplane is not available in the FarmVille Market.
Farmers have access to PC Tuneup at an exclusive discounted rate of $9.99 USD and this offer is available only until March 2, 2011.
1) Purchase AVG PC Tuneup via the in-game offer.
2) Receive Your Biplane in your FarmVille Gift Box.
3) Grow Crops instantly with your AVG Biplane flight.

Along with the AVG Biplane, there is an added bonus to purchasing the AVG PC Tuneup!
When you purchase AVG PC Tuneup, you will 4 applications of Insta Grow! This means, that not only will you receive the AVG Biplane, which will have 1 free ride (which will grow your crops instantly, if used), but you will also get 3 Insta Grows free!

You will receive the 3 free applications of Insta Grow once the AVG Biplane has been placed on your farm.

FarmVille AVG PC Tuneup Free Biplane Offer Details


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