FarmVille Official Podcast, February 18th, 2011! ((Details Here))

“With FarmVille English Countryside you’ll get the opportunity to start and play on a second farm, set in the English countryside. This farm will feature special soil which will help master your crops faster than ever before. In addition, the English countryside will be populated with friendly characters, like Agatha, your neighbor. They will help guide your play and present special activities and challenges.

FarmVille English Countryside will grant you access to all new crops, buildings, and much more that we will be revealing soon. While players Level 20 and above will be able to get access to FarmVille English Countryside, you can help junior farmers prepare for their journey by sending them materials and teaching them how to make their visit.

We want to thank everyone for their excitement and interest in FarmVille English Countryside. Our Facebook fan page reached 500,000 fans in just three days, and if you haven’t visited the fan page and Liked it, you should do so today because we’ll be running more updates from that the fan page starting next week!

And finally, in other news about what’s coming to FarmVille, be sure to build up your Greenhouse and save some seeds because we’ll have something for you to do with them soon. And stay tuned for a brand new promotion!”


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