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FarmVille Falabella Foal Scam Notice

Yet another FarmVille Scam seems to be plaguing Facebook! You may remember all the posts that FarmVille Freak recently did about the scams that were going around Facebook such as “Lucky Pennies“, “Teacup Pig“.

Seems as though there is a new one that FarmVille Freaks have spotted on their Facebook. This scam post will ask you to adopt a foal called the “Falabella Foal”. Upon clicking “Adopt the Falabella Foal”, you will be taken to a different page of FarmVille Bonuses.

As always, FarmVille Freak asks you to be wary of these scams! Associating your Facebook or FarmVille account with them could result in violation of Zynga rules, and your account may be suspended.

We advise you to block any applications that seem suspicious or unusual immediately. Better safe than sorry!


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