FarmVille Babydoll Sheep in Mystery Game (Details Here)

An all new animal packed Mystery Game has hit the FarmVille Market! This game features only exclusive animals (see below for spoilers) that you cannot purchase elsewhere in FarmVille. It will be available until February 28, 2011 and costs 20 Farm Cash per dart to play. Every farmer should play at your own risk as you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or

FarmVille Babydoll Sheep

If you win a Falabella Horse or a Panda Cow each of these animals can produce a similar offspring when placed inside their respective animal housing. The Falabella Horse can produce a Falabella Foal and the Panda Cow can produce a Panda Calf. Be sure to monitor your Facebook News Feed to adopt your own Falabella Foal or Panda Calf because that’s the only way to get your own.


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