Zynga Game Cards available by Paymentez, Mentez payment (Details Here) (Share Now)

Zynga decided it was time to make that transition complete. With the help of Mentez, a Brazilian social games publisher based in Miami, Fla., Zynga Game Cards are now available in Brazil, according to VentureBeat. Later, Zynga Game Cards will expand across Latin America and into Mexico with its new Brazilian friends. This was made possible through Paymentez, Mentez's social games payment platform represented by kiosks scattered throughout retail stores and Internet cafes in Brazil. But, why weren't credit cards enough?

According to Mentez CEO Juan Franco, the Brazilian people do not own or use credit cards like Americans do (i.e. poorly). In fact, Franco claims that there is fewer than one credit card to every Brazilian resident, which pales in comparison to our love for the plastic. However, pre-paid cards are popular in the country, which Zynga is well aware of. Social gamers in Brazil can go to a Mentez kiosk, pay up in cash, bank transfers or local online credit cards, and be on their way with a Zynga Game Card.

The Mentez payment system provides its service to millions of Brazilian social gamers, and now Zynga is in on the fun. It seems Zynga is looking to do everything it can to nab that coveted title of "Most Valuable Game Company in the World." But if anything, this shows Zynga's increasing international savvy in localization in several forms. It's one thing to get foreign audiences to play your game, but it's another entirely to get them to pay.


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