FarmVille Billing System Down For Maintenance Tonight! ((Details Here))

A new notice has been showing up over farmers’ farms late this evening. Farmers have been notified that the FarmVille Billing System will be undergoing some maintenance beginning at 11:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. It is only anticipated to last 45 minutes, and it seems that it will have the biggest effect on purchases with Farm Cash & Farm Coins.

So be safe farmers, and make your purchases beforehand! We hope you get your farms in order!

“Farmers, our billing system will be down for maintenance starting at 11pm PST. We ANTICIPATE this maintenance will last only 45mins. This will only affect the purchase of Farm Cash and Coins directly – you’ll still be able to spend what you have in game. If you’re low on Farm Cash or Coins now, we suggest you make a purchase before this maintenance begins. Thanks for playing FarmVille”

Questions: Will you be purchasing Farm Cash before this service goes offline? Will you just wait till later?


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