FarmVille English Countryside Postcard From Angus! ((Details Here))

FarmVille has been teasing us quite a lot these last few weeks with news of the FarmVille English Countryside and all the little sneak peeks that we have been receiving! (See postcards from Charlie & Agatha)

We have now received another brand new postcard from “Angus” who says that he sees “Sheep breeding” in our future! Do you think this could be a hint that we will be getting a home for our sheep soon?

Angus also hints that we will be able to make different colored sheep! And in order for us to get started, we have all been given a Spotted Sheep! (which we can also share with neighbors)Do you think this was exciting news from the FarmVille English Countryside? What are you looking forward to being released in the next few weeks?


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