FarmVille Limited Edition :Griffin, White Pegasus,& more ((Details Here))

Several Limited Edition Agricultural Alchemy animals have returned to the FarmVille Market as part of FarmVille’s Birthday Classics series for only a limited amount of time. You will have exactly one day (24 hours) to make your purchases before they are sent back into retirement.

Joining the Agricultural Alchemy re-releases is a brand new Limited Edition animal, the White Pegasus, who debuted in the market for the first time ever. Like other FarmVille Pegasus it is not breedable. All of these animals will have a short stay in the FarmVille Market, so be sure to make your purchases fast.

FarmVille Limited Edition Agricultural Alchemy Animals (Re-released: June 19, 2011)

  • FarmVille Griffin – 40 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille White Pegasus – 35 Farm Cash (NEW!)
  • FarmVille Baby Dragon – 20 Farm Cash
  • FarmVille Wizard Duck – 14 Farm Cash


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