Farmville ReReleased a lot of Items (ALL Items are Here)(Share Now)

FarmVille and Zynga have just re-released a lot of items from the Fairy Tale them into tonight’s update! Everything is a re-release except for the Toadstool House and Magic Carpet which are new but still categorized under Fairy Tale Items and only here for 24 hours!

You will be able to purchase the Toadstool House, Magic Carpet, Black Dragon, Granny Wold, Cat n’ Boots, Invisible Cat, Princess Duck, Black Gypsy Horse, Knight Steed, Pegasus, Fairy Pig, Ridinghood Sheep, Princess’ Tower, Castle Ruin, Fairy Cottage, Fairy Shoe House, Fairy Tale Cottage, Knight Gnome, Troll Bridge, Black Swan Lake, Enchanted Tree, Prince Frog’s Pond, Bean Stalk, Fairy Gnome, Golden Rose Arch, Green Willow Tree, Gumdrop Sprinkle, Large Mushroom, Lollipop Fence, Magic Fairy Ring, Magic Mirror, Magic Waterfall, Mermaid Fountain, Mushroom Knoll, Prince Gnome, Princess Gnome, Pumpkin Carriage, Small Mushroom, Giant Golden Apple, Giant Sour Apple, Golden Apple Tree and Sour Apple Tree for the next 24 hours.


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