Trading Post Arrives! ((More Details Here))

We had already shown you a very in depth look at the Trading Post earlier this week and its seems to almost to have all come true! This building does not need to be built with any materials, it’s actually free when you load the game (if you get it) or can be purchased from the market for coins.Place crop orders with your friends. Grow crops that your friends have ordered. Harvest crops to fulfill orders. Complete orders for XP, Coins and Mastery! You can see below the my good friend Pam ordered some goodies from me, more specifically Cranberries. I received an Email, a Facebook notice and even a notice on my farm. After harvesting 1 Crannberry Plt I had completed the order for 165 coins and 3 XP. I did not gain mastery points since I have cranberries mastered.


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