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Despite its Farm Cash required permit, many FarmVille Freaks were eager to purchase the permit for this patriotic crop and get started growing the Limited Edition Star Flower on their farms!

Some farmers hoping to plant and master this crop throughout Fourth of July weekend, have encountered a problem after purchasing the permit that is preventing them from growing this “buggy” crop on their farms. These farmers are unable to purchase the seeds because it remains “locked” even after the permit was purchased.

Zynga is aware of this known issue and working on a quick fix so you can get back to mastering!

From Official FarmVille Forum:

“Players locked from planting LE Star Flower after purchasing it
Last Update: 6/29

Description: As of 6/29, players are reporting they’re being locked out of LE Star Flower after purchasing the crop.

Status: The FarmVille team is aware of these issues and is working toward releasing fixes as soon as possible.

Workaround: N/A” (Source: Official FarmVille Forum)


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