Transferable Storage is Now Live! (Details Here)

A few days ago FarmVille Freak told you about Transferable Storage coming soon, it is now live and ready for you to start transferring- if you’ve completed all the English Countryside Quests! That’s right to unlock Transferable Storage you will need to complete English Countryside Quests and will receive Transferable Storage as the grand prize for saving the English Countryside Village. After completing the English Countryside Quest “A Great Start” you will unlock Transferable Storage. If you need help on completing the English Countryside Quests be sure to check out our FarmVille Freak Guides.

This means that any items that you have stored in your Storage Cellar’s inventory can be transferred from one farm to the other. However, some items remain “locked” to Home Farm or English Countryside Farm. For example, if an item cannot be placed into storage, such as Unwither Rings, then there is no way to move it between farms.


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