Surpise, FarmVille Increases Storage to 1,000 per Farm! (Details Here) Share now

We’ve been running out of room on our farms for quite awhile and haven’t found much relief in our underground Storage Cellars.Thankfully, in a surprise FarmVille announcement via FarmVille’s official Facebook Fan page, FarmVille let farmers know that they increased storage for all farmers.

The new Storage Limit is now 1,000 items per farm! This means that you can currently store a combined total of 2,000 items from your Home Farm and English Countryside farm.

From FarmVille:

“Hey Farmers!

We know you’ve been waiting on this for a long time and today we are announcing an increase to storage limits for all farmers! Now you can hold up to 1000 items per farm (with no more than 500 custom animals) for a total of up to 2000!

Log in today to take a look at these changes and stop by the forums and tell us what you think!”


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