Farmville Sheep Quest : Sheep Shape (be helpful & share to your Friends)

Howdy Farmers! Don't forget to claim your free Purple Boar with a Green Tiger Stripe & Purple Ram with an Orange Spiral when you complete the NEW Sheep Pen Quests!
In honor of FarmVille’s recent upgrade to Sheep Pens and Sheep Breeding, there are all new Sheep themed quests for you to complete. The Sheep quests kick off with the first quest, “Sheep Shape”.
You’ll complete 3 fairly easy tasks to earn some special rewards, which for most of us is really only 2 tasks since we’re FarmVille Freaks and already have our Sheep Pens built!
  • 1. Complete your FarmVille Sheep Pen.
  • 2. Get 6 Romantic Tunes to get your Sheep in the mood by “Asking for Help”. (Hilarious!)
  • 3. Harvest 30 Sheep. TIP: Harvesting your Sheep Pen building counts towards this objective.

  • 200 XP
  • 2,500 Farm Coins
  • 5 FarmVille Love Potions


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