FarmVille Capital One Box Giftable ((Details Here))

The FarmVille Gifting Page has added a new free giftable item, a Capital One Gift! There are rumors of an upcoming Capital One FarmVille promotion and a Capital One Farm in the works, so perhaps this is just a beginning of more Capital One to come.

Capital One Gifts work similar to free Mystery Gifts in that the contain various prizes inside. You can send and receive the free Captial One Gift with your friends via the FarmVille Gifting Page.

So far, these are the Confirmed Items:

  • FarmVille Pygmy Goat
  • FarmVille Farmhand
  • FarmVille Flower Sheep
  • FarmVille Fertilize All
  • FarmVille Animal Feed
  • FarmVille Passion Fruit Tree


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