Farmville: New way of sending Special Delivery Boxes is Coming (be the First to Share it)

FarmVille is slowly ramping up a new way of sending Special Delivery Boxes. In this update, you can pre-select friends who recently played and send SDBs quicker, in flash, without the multi friend selector.
There will be checkboxes next to the profile pictures to indicate whether the gift will be sent to that particular friend.

If you click anywhere on the profile card, their card will be de-selected and the profile card will be grayed out. You will be able to click and select that friend again.

If you have a lot of friends (Like a LOT), it will take a minute or two to load this Sending Flow feature. So, please don’t be alarmed if the pop up does not load quickly if you have many friends.

You can send 24 SBDs per page. So, in the picture above (for example), there are 46 friends. After sending the first 24 gifts, a second page will populate the remaining 22 friends. If you have 100 friends, expect to have 5 pages of friends to send SBDs to.

When sending Special Delivery Boxes, you will get a one-time confirmation dialog. This pop up will have a checkbox defaulted to "checked." Having this checkbox checked will allow you to send future gifts to players without aconfirmation. After that, clicking “Send” will automatically send with no FB dialog.


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