FarmVille Mystery Baby Q&A Full Details (Be Helpful & Share with your Friends)

With the release of FarmVille's Wildlife Habitat Wednesday evening and the accompanying quests, many FarmVille players are feeling a bit confused. One of the aspects players are feeling lost on is the Mystery Babies. Let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the feature, and hopefully get you on your way to breeding happiness.

I placed the free Porcupine on my farm and didn't get credit in the quest. Why?
The Porcupine is a free gift for completing the Wildlife Habitat building. It is not a Mystery Baby you can grow up. You can place the Porcupine in your Wildlife Habitat, but it's not a baby.

Where do Mystery Babies come from?
Well, in the magical world of FarmVille breeding, you have a chance of getting a baby upon harvesting your Wildlife Habitat. You can harvest it once a day, and if you get a Mystery Baby, you can place it on your farm (which will give you credit in the quest). You can also share one with your friends via your Facebook feeds. So to answer your question, you can get one from the Wildlife Habitat OR find one on your Facebook feed.

Do I need a pair of animals to breed?
No. You only need ONE of the animal for a chance to produce a Mystery Baby.

Why are some Mystery Babies pink and others green?
There are two types of Mystery Babies you can grow up. The pink bundled babies are rare, which means they will grow up into an animal that was previously a Limited Edition item worth less than 15 Farm Cash or a Common Mystery Game prize. The green bundled babies are more common, and will become previous Coin animals, Lonely Animals, and animals received from Quest Rewards. (NOTE: This applies to animals you get from the feeds ONLY).

What kind of baby will I get?
Any Mystery Baby that you find in your own Wildlife Habitat will grow up to be just like one of the animals that was in your Habitat at the time of harvest!

Where do the animals I see greyed out in the habitat come from?
Some of the animals are available in the FarmVille Market, and some are only available from the babies you get from your friends. If you're lucky enough to already have some of the animals, you can simply move them into your Wildlife Habitat.

Will I still get mastery points if I put animals in the Wildlife Habitat?
Yes. You will still receive the Farm Coins and Mastery Points for that animal upon harvesting your habitat.

Can I have more than one Wildlife Habitat?
Yes you can. You can place them on your farms just as you do with Orchards. You can purchase them uncompleted for Farm Coins, or you can buy them fully constructed for Farm Cash.

Why can't I put all my wild animals inside?
You can only place the animals listed in this post inside the Wildlife Habitat, up to a maximum of 20. More types of buildings will be coming to FarmVille in the future, so surely you'll be able to use the animals you can't currently put inside.

I still have questions.
Leave it in a comment below, and we will try to get the answer for you!



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