(WOW) FarmVille Gold Unwither Ring Pearl ((Details Here))

An Unwither Ring! Several farmers have wanted to see an Unwither Ring for the English Farm, but the Unwither Clock was released, which needed to be paid a monthly fee in order to remain active for the next 30 days.

With the release of Lighthouse Cove, we have a brand new third farm to take care of, and nothing to stop our crops from withering on our coastal farms! Take a look at this unreleased Lighthouse Cove Unwither Ring.

Just to remind the newer farmers, the Unwither Ring, once placed on your farm will never let your crops wither! However, this amazing task can be achieved on our home farms by paying a hefty fee of 250 Farm Cash. What do you think it will cost on Lighthouse Cove? The same as the Unwither Ring for our home farms, or more? Or less?


Gav said...

should be less as there are fewer plots ..

witch said...


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