09.05.2011 Mystery Game Full Details (If you Like it , Share it)

FarmVille Update Sunday brings us a brand new Mystery Game that’s packed with some traditional Zoo animals.

You can purchase your chances at playing the Mystery Game for 20 Farm Cash per dart. As always you should play at your own risk as you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the game.

If you happen to play and win all six regular prizes then you will earn yourself a “free” exclusive Bonus Prize. This week’s exclusive Bonus Prize is the Hippo.

  • FarmVille 09.05.2011 Mystery Game – 20 Farm Cash

Confirmed Prizes:

  • FarmVille Rhino
  • FarmVille Water Buffalo
  • FarmVille Onyx
  • FarmVille Wallaby
  • FarmVille Wombat
  • FarmVille Honey Badger
  • FarmVille Hippo (Free Bonus Prize)


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