Aviary Mystery Box & Confirmed Prizes((Details Here))

FarmVille’s Wednesday night update includes a brand new Aviary themed Mystery Box. The release of this Mystery Box coincides with the debut of the Aviary animal habitat.

In the Aviary Mystery Box you will find past Limited Edition prizes. The cost is 16 Farm Cash per box. As always, you are never guaranteed to win any one specific or all prizes featured in the box so you should play at your own risk. Notice, since this is a Mystery Box and not a Mystery Game there is no need to pop darts, instead you automatically receive a prize.

FarmVille Aviary Mystery Box – 16 Farm Cash (Released: September 7, 2011)

Confirmed Prizes:

  • FarmVille Gray Heron
  • FarmVille Golfer Duck
  • FarmVille White Stork
  • FarmVille Tufted Duck
  • FarmVille Gallic Rooster
  • FarmVille Chrome Duck


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