FarmVille Unreleased Be A Good Farmer Loading Screen (Like & leave a Comment)

Could FarmVille finally be encouraging farmers to hit the “Like” button and leave a comment on News Feed shares? This unreleased image seems to be promoting good FarmVille manners by teaching farmers about the “Like” button. However, we can only speculate as it is still unreleased.

It’s been pretty much unspoken FarmVille farming etiquette to hit the “Like” button when you claim one of your neighbors’ News Feed Shares, but of course not everyone does it. Clicking the”Like” button lets your neighbors know that their shares are appreciated and it also lets you know who and how many people were able to claim your share. A simple thank you (or even “Like”) goes a long way!

We wonder if this has anything to do with the recent changes made to Facebook? What do you think, FarmVille Freaks?


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