FarmVille Upgrade : What Does It Mean? ((Answer Here))

FarmVille and Zynga in their infinite wisdom have added a new FarmVille Upgrade popup to the game that is down right confusing people! They of course are unable to make any kind of official statement on what this new upgrade is, since they are too busy promoting the new Lighthouse Cove. Basically, the new pop up is asking for more permissions for the game to access information, plain and simple. If you want to allow for non-friends to become neighbors and your game play to tick across on friends feeds, accept it. If you think the Zynga Burglars are out to get you, just “X” out of it and continue with your day. Remember, it is your decision and right on what Zynga can and cannot do and see.

Something mentioned in the comments is that there is no “X” button on the FIRST pop up, but once you click “OK” you will receive a Facebook Pop Up and that is where you click “Don’t Allow”.


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