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Pack that Zoo full, as the closer to capacity it is, the better your chance of receiving a Mystery Baby. When you receive a Mystery Baby, you will be able to give one away to your friends. You will notice that each Animal has a Yellow or a Blue Basket, and that is to dictate the rarity of the baby. A Blue Basket indicates that the baby inside is Rare, while the Yellow shows that it is Common.

When sharing Babies with your friends, you will be able to give Rare prizes in the Blue Baskets. This only applies to Babies you get from your neighbors on their wall, NOT your personal Babies. These are filled with older Limited Edition goodies that were below 15 FV Cash in price, or common Mystery Game prizes! Pretty cool, huh? Think of these sort of like Mystery Seedlings, in that YOUR Seedlings that you get will always produce whatever was inside of your Orchard, but Mystery Seedlings you receive from neighbors can be anything. If you’re confused about Mystery Seedlings, as there are misconceptions to what you can get. The Blue Babies contain the aforementioned cool goodies, while the Yellow Babies contain anything from Wandering Animals to Quest goodies to common, Coin Animals.

Once you receive the baby, it will be time to grow the li’l dumpling up big and strong by using the once-tiresome and now lucrative Animal Feed. The rarer the baby, the more “care” it will require – we are guessing this means it will require more Animal Feed than Common babies. We did one “test” baby to see how it went. We had a Yellow Basket and threw in the 10 required Feed in order to grow it up (Blue Baskets require 30 total Feed to mature), and we received the above prize: an Elephant, which was one of the items in our Zoo.

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