Mystery Box: Livestock ((More Details Here))

With the brand new Animal Storage Facility hitting the game in a slow rollout tonight, the Livestock Pen, Zynga figured it might be time to make a few of the fan favorites and incredible rare Animals that are compatible with the Building available once more.

The easiest solution this this problem? None other than those wonderful Mystery Boxes that we were all accustomed to in the past, but were phased out in favor of the Mystery Game.The new Livestock Mystery Box is openly available on the Decorations tab tonight, which is certainly strange considering the fact that the Mystery Box itself is loaded to the brim with rare Animals and all. Included in the Livestock Mystery Box tonight for 20 FV Cash per box is the Miniature Goat, the Welsh Mountain Sheep, the Teacup Pig, the White Ram, and the Babydoll Sheep. All are pictured here except the Babydoll Sheep.


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