Raffle Booth: September 19, 2011 ((Details Here))

Hey everybody, the Raffle Booth has some awesome new odds that will certainly make obtaining those top prizes a little bit easier.

The Raffle Booth has been restocked tonight to include a little guy that will make everybody jump like a tiny dog with joy, the Black Corgi. The Black Corgi can be yours in 1 out of 500 tries, meaning if you get 100 tickets this week, it could be a 1 in 5 chance of obtaining this little guy. Other prizes included in this week’s Raffle Booth are the Gazebo (1:200), 5 Love Potions (1:50), 3 Farmhands (1:25), and 10 Special Delivery Boxes (1:5).

Have you won any of the top prizes before in the Raffle Booth? We managed to strike gold with the second place Ponds in the past a couple of times, but have yet to bring in one of the first place prizes. How about you? Let us know here at FarmVille Post!

Stay tuned for more info tonight


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