You can win a free $10 FV Cash Game Card from us!

You can win a free $10 FV Cash Game Card from us!

One lucky winner in this week’s Free Stuff Friday event won’t have to worry about buying that new Cow, or picking up that new Building out of your own pocket this week, as we are giving away a FV Cash gift card worth $10 USD! One lucky winner will be contacted by Zoop on his personal account (David J. M.) following the conclusion of the contest with the number from a Game Card and instructions on how to redeem it. You should also receive a free Mystery Game Dart, though that is in Zynga’s hands and not ours, as they control exactly what you receive from Game Cards. Still, it’s pretty darn likely that you’ll get a free chance at the Mystery Game, too.

In order to win this prize package, you must complete the following steps:

Step 1: First up, Like us on our Facebook page. You can find our Facebook page by clicking here. Be sure to Share our link with your friends, too!

Step 2: Leave a comment on our Facebook page letting us know what the best thing was that you’ve ever bought with FV Cash! Did you save up your 1 FV Cash per Level Up to buy something cool? Did you receive a Game Card for your birthday or a holiday once to buy something special? Let us know your memories, we love to hear from you folks!

Be sure to tell your friends about us by clicking “Share” on our Facebook statuses and links! We give stuff away every Friday! The cut-off date for entry to this contest is Friday, September 23rd at 12:00am sharp, so make sure you enter before then! We will choose a winner on that same date, and they will be contacted by David M. on Facebook! If you get a message from David M., it is 100% legitimate and you have won! We do not declare winners in public due to the fact that our readers’ privacy is very dear to us. Duplicate entries will result in disqualification in order to keep things fair. Good luck, and congratulations to this week’s winner!

If you are new to FarmVille Post, please take a look around! If you’re into thorough research for various new features around FarmVille, take a look at our How-to sections, which is deeper than a copy and paste of Zynga’s own community guides. We also review every item that arrives on the Market, usually on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, like this review of the Mystery Game. You can also find our unique features that you can’t find anywhere else, complete with reader participation, like this article on our Most Wanted Make-Believe Crops!

For the latest Contest we are running, check out our Contests page – even if this contest has expired, there is an active one every week! After all, every Friday is Free Stuff Friday once again!


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