ALL Farmville 2011 Review from Jan to Dec (Share First)

2011 proved to be quite a year in FarmVille. From the introduction of three new farm spaces to real-life plush and an IPO, Zynga’s smash hit game has certainly proven it’s not planning on going anywhere for quite some time.

Here are some of our top-rated FarmVille moments in 2011.

The English Countryside
In March, we brought you an exclusive preview of one of the biggest releases in FarmVille history – the English Countryside game expansion. This second farm space brought players to a new land with new crops, animals, trees and quests. There was controversy over the forced farm pause, which FarmVille ended up changing so players could choose whether or not they could handle two farms simultaneously.

Sheep Breeding
One of the perks of farming in FarmVille’s English Countryside was the ability to breed sheep. Soon, farmers were showing off camouflaged, flashing bundles of joy and sharing rams and ewes with friends. The fun didn’t last too long though – it turns out many of the patterns being produced were done dishonestly, and the feature was soon changed to ensure only Zynga-released patterns were created.

GagaVille Comes to Town
What happens when the biggest pop singer of our time teams up with the biggest farming game? GagaVille, of course. Lady Gaga brought a themed farm to the game in April that players could visit for virtual prizes, and she shared exclusive early listens to songs off her ‘Born This Way’ CD. This was a win-win for all players, whether they were Gaga fans or not. The exclusive in-game items are still being proudly displayed on many player farms months later.

Storage Transfer
As players were winding down on the final English Countryside quests in June, we learned the final prize for completing all the quests would be shared storage between the Home and English Countryside farm spaces. Much to the delight of players, they were given the ability to move items from farm to farm and decorate how they saw fit.

Lighthouse Cove
FarmVille welcomed in the fall season with a third farm for players to take care of. Lighthouse Cove was released in September, and brought even more new quests, crops, animals and trees to the game. Players who previously complained about a game pause were now considering using it with the thought of running three farm spaces. Lighthouse Cove carried us through the season, and coin expansions are still being released every few weeks for players to continue to grow the space.

Halloween in FarmVille
One of the most popular themes in FarmVille has consistently been Halloween. Players go all out with decorating, and Zynga went all out this year on making sure plenty was available to players to purchase. From a Trick of Treat feature for prizes to questing for Count Duckula, players were certainly kept on their toes.

Winter Wonderland
As if three farm spaces weren’t enough for players, FarmVille released a fourth farm space in December. Winter Wonderland is the latest getaway for players to visit, quest, plow, plant and decorate on. Sadly, there is no shared storage at this time on it, but players seem to be enjoying working in the new space.

Zynga’s IPO
After weeks of speculation and marketing, Zynga finally went public in December of 2011. The IPO did not have the strongest opening however, and is currently below their opening price of $10 a share.

Looking Ahead
For 2012, we think it’s safe to say that new farm spaces will continue to roll out to players to keep things fresh in the game. We expect to see more questing, more new trees and animals and of course, more new crops to master.


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