Farmville Black Snow Fanatsy Horse & a lot of Items (Click Share Now)

In case you don’t get what you want from the Holiday Hearth, or if you just want extra ones, Zynga has released all of the prizes into the FarmVille Market. These items will be available until January 20, 2011 at 9:00 PM (PDT).

Holiday Hearth Items

Gift Giving Gnome – 16 Farm Cash
North Pole Gnome – 16 Farm Cash
Forest Snowglobe – 25 Farm Cash
Cupcake Factory – 35 Farm Cash
Holiday Carousel – 25 Farm Cash
Black Snow Fantasy Horse (produces foal)32 Farm Cash
White Snow Fantasy Horse (produces foal)32 Farm Cash
Radiant Sun Tree (Level 2)12 Farm Cash
Starry Night Tree (Level 2)12 Farm Cash


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