Farmville Full Holiday Hearth Guide Details (Click Share Now)

FarmVille released the new Holiday Hearth feature on Tuesday afternoon! This is your chance to find out if your neighbors think you made it to Santa’s nice list or not.

Please note, this feature is currently on a slow release. A slow release in FarmVille means it is made available to a small number of players at a time. If you don’t have it just yet, please be patient!

When the FarmVille Holiday Hearth feature is available to you, you will immediately go into placement mode on your farm to place it down. Once it’s placed, you will need to start collecting Stocking Stuffers! You can get these as free gifts from friends, you can find an abundance of them on your Facebook game feed, or you can purchase them for 1 Farm Cash each.

Once you collect the required 10 stockings, you will automatically be awarded the prize shown in the hearth. The first prize for everyone will be a Forest Snowglobe. Now, the fun begins!

Once you have earned the Forest Snowglobe, you can play the Naughty or Nice part of the feature! For the first round, you will need to ask your friends to vote on whether you’ve been naughty or nice. If you get four “nice” votes, you will be awarded a Starry Night Tree. If you get four “naughty” votes, you will be awarded a Radiant Sun Tree. Both are masterable trees you can place in your Orchards. You’ll also notice progress on the losing side, and a discount on purchasing the item for Farm Cash if you choose.

NOTE: When you redeem your prize, you can also share one on your game feed with a friend. We had no problem finding a friend sharing the nice tree since we were voted naughty.

The game continues to a second round, with the next prize being a Holiday Caoursel when you collect 35 Stocking Stuffers. That Naughty or Nice round will offer you a North Pole Gnome for Naughty votes, or a Gift Giving Gnome for Nice votes.

The final round works the exact same way as the first two, with 100 Stocking Stuffers earning you a nice Cupcake Factory. From there, the Naughty prize is a Black Snow Fantasy Horse, and the Nice prize is a White Snow Fantasy Horse.


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